Ever wonder what it’s like to have lunch at a startup valued in the billions? I did too. So I made a call to a friend who showed me around the lunch room at Dropbox. And then I called him again, and again. What makes Dropbox HQ lunches so great is they have something for everyone. Multiple entree stations, burger bar, vegetarian options, ice cream station, and multiple dessert trays.

Below you’ll see a series of lunches I had when visiting the Dropbox headquarters. Prepare to drool.

Because a single pig isn’t enough. Dropbox had to have multiple roasted pigs for Chinese New Year.

Unleashing my inner Mongol.

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Their catered lunches are as good as some Michelin star restaurants!

Needed a break from the brisket and dumpling diet. Avocado toast with radish

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We all need a healthy break from pigs and lamb shanks every now and then right?

Dropbox should just open a restaurant already because this is ridiculous … thanks again for the meal @the_benstagram

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It’s as ridiculous as you thought isn’t it?

Are you full yet?

Hopefully Dropbox has some good fitness programs…


Cannot believe they feed their employees like this… Shrimp okonomiyaki

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Seared pork chop for company lunch!

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